I am Lucky Shrestha from Bhaktapur, Nepal. I am a blogger cum student. I love designing the web with my good experience in HTML and CSS. Under the recommendation of my school teachers, I first started blogging when I was 14 years old. I came to realize the importance of blogging when I was awarded the “First Runner Up” in one of the blogging competitions in Nepal. As time started fading, my posts in blog started accumulating more likes and comments from the wonderful readers around the world which has highly inspired and dragged me towards the world of blogging.

Why am I blogging?

I believe in change, and it’s a reason why I have named my blog “PARIWARTAN” (Change). Today technology is at the highest peak of the world. We think technology, we eat technology and even we sleep technology. When the entire activities of human beings are based on the technology, don’t you think our natural environment has been adversely effected by the tech? Are we actually living a safe and decent life?

I arranged this blog to transcend the note of bond between environment and technology among the inhabitants of the globe and I equally seek to spread an appropriate use of technologies in the surrounding.

Let me empower you to be the change.

Email: luckshrestha@gmail.com
Facebook: shresthalucky
Twitter: @shresthalucky
Google+: +LuckyShrestha


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